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(M)sds eBooks, the Download and How it Works

After you pay the system will automatically send out two emails to the address you provided during checkout. It’s important to type in the correct email so please double check it. The first email is an invoice for your records.  

The system fires off these emails quick, one right after the other, and because they come together like that, outlook or other email servers sometimes mark them both (or the second one) as spam. If you don’t get them right away check in your junk or spam folder or give us a call and we’ll help you out. 

The second email contains the key code that links to the page where you can download your product, so click that link and it will bring you right back here to a special page with the key code that will allow only you to download.

It’s Actually a One Year Subscription

Save the second email, or bookmark that page with the key code, because it’s actually a one year subscription and you can come back and download the product as often as you need to for one year from the date of purchase. This will allow you to take advantage of updates to the books through the year.

We change the file name each time we update the book. It looks like this: (M)sds book for contractors 2017 that title will change to (M)sds book for contractors 2017 update #1 or (M)sds book for contractors 2017 update #2.

Last year we updated as many as 4 times per volume, but this year we expect to update less because more records are of the new 16 section sds required.

Choose the volumes you need from our sds library below to create a set for effective workplace training.


OSHA's hazard communication standard requires every jobsite, workplace and employer have one, and non compliance can result in stiff penalties.

Each (M)sds book or binder also includes (M)sds sheets that are carefully selected and industry specific. The OSHA regulation states that the (M)sds sheets be provided to employees by employers, and be accessible throughout the work day.

The (M)sds sheets are also to be used to train employees of the potential hazardous effects of working with the products included in the books and binders, and it's the employer's responsibility to provide and document how this training will take place. We've included an employee training guide to do just that. 

In short, put one of these (M)sds books on every jobsite, and you'll have the tools you need to meet OSHA's hazard communication standard.