(M)sds eBook for Drywall Contractors

(M)sds eBook for Drywall Contractors
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You know the risks of working with drywall, so you try to provide your staff with the appropriate safety gear. If you haven’t supplied them with the right documentation and training, however, you’re falling short.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to OSHA inspectors or your employees exposed to serious hazards. Purchase your (M)SDS book for drywall companies to build a legally sound Hazcom Policy and furnish the updated safety data sheets that your workplace requires. We’ve included a complete arsenal of Hazcom Policy templates and proven suggestions to help you become a better contractor.


Stop struggling with hazard communications. We’ve designed this (M)sds book specifically for contractors who need to improve their OSHA HazCom compliance practices, and it’s certain to help you operate your workplace more effectively.

Need to write a HazCom Policy? Just fill in the template. Want to build a training set? Follow our format and you'll improve your employees’ understanding of the materials they work with as required by OSHA. And at the same time, you and your site supervisors can brush up on the employer responsibilities using the included guides.

This binder includes OSHA-regulated resources designed for the busy contractor. Just fill out the template included to create a current, OSHA-compliant Written Hazard Communication Policy, and you’ll be well on your way to implementing a more efficient workplace safety program. 

Haven’t you been putting this off long enough?

What’s Included? 

Each binder features a well-researched collection of the most common SDS records (formerly MSDS) required around the typical job site. The (M)sds in this volume are listed at the bottom of the page. We’ve also added the inventory lists, employee training guide and outlines that detail your responsibilities as an employer or manager, all of which makes up your new HazCom Policy. 

Our goal is to help you implement smarter compliance standards and avoid incurring government fines. We believe that our contractor-oriented collection is the ideal tool. From the Hazard Communication Standard, or HCS, and other OSHA-required literature, we’ve filled this MSDS book with the facts that you’ll need to know to become a responsible employer.

The Majority of Our Records Are in SDS Format 

Some of the books still have a few MSDS because not all the companies have complied with OSHA’s deadline to transition to the new SDS format. We check for new SDS or updates every month. In an effort to make those new records available to you, we grant you free digital access to our newest SDS records for a year after your purchase via our members only website: Contractors (M)SDS Update. Instructions to register are on the first page of your new SDS binder.

Get Compliant

As a contractor, OSHA requires that you maintain at least one accessible MSDS book per job site. We know how swamped you are, so we’re offering a discount if you buy three or more binders. Choose the volumes you need from our sds library to create a set for effective workplace training.

The Download, How it Works

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It’s Actually a One Year Subscription

Save the second email, or bookmark that page with the key code, because it’s actually a one year subscription and you can come back and download the product as often as you need to for one year from the date of purchase. This will allow you to take advantage of updates to the books through the year.

We change the file name each time we update the book. It looks like this: (M)sds book for contractors 2017 that title will change to (M)sds book for contractors 2017 update #1 or (M)sds book for contractors 2017 update #2. Last year we updated up to 4 times per volume, but this year we expect to update less because more records are of the new 16 section sds required.

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Below is a list of the (M)sds included in the binder:

1” Fire-Shield Shaftliner XP Georga Pacific Glass Mat-Faced Gypsum Panels SHEETROCK® Brand A/P LITE™ Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound
Acetone Georga Pacific Paper Faced Gypsum Boards SHEETROCK® Brand Acoustical Sealant
Armstrong Ceiling Grid Gold Bond Gypsum Board XP SHEETROCK® Brand All Purpose Joint Compound
Armstrong Ceiling Panels (Vitreous Fibers) Goof Off Heavy Duty SHEETROCK® Brand AR Gypsum Panels FIRECODE® Core
Armstrong Ceiling Panels Class A (Vitreous Fibers) Gorilla Glue SHEETROCK® Brand Ceiling Spray Texture
Corner Bead Spray Adhesive 3M Drywall GREAT STUFF Foam Sealant SHEETROCK® Brand Dur-A-Bead® Corner Bead
Diesel Fuel (All Types) Gypsum Board Products SHEETROCK® Brand EASY SAND™ Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compound, 5, 20, 45, 90, 210
Dimension Lumber Hydraulic Oil SHEETROCK® Brand Fiberglass Drywall Tape
DONN® DX®/DXL™ Acoustical Suspension System Masking Tape SHEETROCK® Brand Gypsum Panels
Durock Underlayment Board Nickel Cadmium Battery SHEETROCK® Brand Paper Faced Metal Bead and Trim
eXP Interior Extreme Products OFF! DEEP WOODS INSECT REPELLENT SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® X
eXP Tile Backer Orange Marking Paint SHEETROCK® DURABOND® Setting Type Joint Compound
Fast Setting Joint Compound Paint Thinner Silicone sealant (adhesive)
Fiber Glass Insulation Painters Acrylic Latex Caulk Simple Green Allā€Purpose Cleaner
Fiberglass Mesh Tape Paper Joint Tape Snap Line Chalk
Fire Extinguishing Agent PL Construction Adhesive Loctite Super Glue
Firestop Silicone Sealant Powder Loads For Simpson Strong-Tie Powder-Actuated Tools USG® Radar™ Basic FIRECODE™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels
FRP (Fiberglass Panel) Powder-Actuated Tools Lubricant USG™ Drywall Suspension System
FRP Molding Power Driven Fastners and Accessories WD-40
FRP Panel Adhesive Pressure Treated Lumber WINDEX ORIGINAL GLASS CLEANER
Gas Concrete Nailer Fule Cell Propane Wood and Wood Products
Gasoline, All Grades Quickrete Concrete Mix Zinsser Bulls Eye 123 Spray

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