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 All of our material safety data sheet books for construction start with a written hazard communication policy for your company to adopt and make your own.   OSHA's hazard communication standard requires every jobsite, workplace and employer have one. Read More...

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Non compliance can result in stiff penalties.

Each MSDS book or binder also includes MSDS sheets that are carefully selected and industry specific. The OSHA regulation states that the MSDS sheets be provided to employees by employers, and be accessible throughout the work day.

The MSDS sheets are also to be used to train employees of the potential hazardous effects of working with the products included in the books and binders, and it's the employer's responsibility to provide and document how this training will take place.

We've included an employee training guide to do just that.

In short, put our MSDS manual on every jobsite, and you'll have the tools you need to meet OSHA's hazard communication standard.

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